Taxi Butler


Need a quick ride? At Minto Marketplace, you can request a Taxi with just the touch of a button!

No phones and no extra charge, with 13cabs Taxi Butler it’s as simple as pressing the button once for a Taxi and twice for a Maxi Taxi (for groups, luggage and wheelchairs).

Get home safe and get home quickly from Minto Marketplace with the 13cabs Taxi Butler. Dispatches bookings directly to their internal system so all you need to do is push, wait and ride.

To follow up on a booking, call 13 2227.


Dispatches bookings directly to our system using an internal sim card without using phone lines.

You can specifically request Maxi Taxis for passengers in groups or those who have luggage.

Only requires a power source via USB or power plug.

It’s a compact device 13cm long x 9cm wide.

We do not charge any fees to use our Taxi Butler.

Where to find the service:
Taxi Butler is located opposite Kmart next to the Commonwealth ATM.

Please note, it is compulsory to wear a mask on public transport, including a taxi or a rideshare service.